Chapter 12 Records!

In case you haven't seen my posts about this on Facebook, Grey Sky Symphony has recently joined up with emerging San Marcos-based record label, Chapter 12 Records. They've got a lot of really cool stuff planned for the near future, including shows in the San Marcos/ Austin area, video shoots, and some creative merch releases for their artists.

Check out their website to see what they're all about and give their other artists a listen. You can also like/ follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all of their news, events, and what not.

New EP! – These Songs Will Keep You Warm

I challenged myself to record some new songs in a short amount of time, as well as record some of them with a 4-track tape recorder that I've been meaning to experiment with. The result is this EP and you can download it for free on my Bandcamp! Enjoy!

Kickstarter Campaign

Alright! We are closing in on the release of Rise Over Run. In order for me to do a commercial release though, I have to overcome a slight financial barrier to pay for studio time, physical copies, and distribution fees. Please take a moment to check out my Kickstarter page and pledge what you can! There are rewards for every amount!